Is Our Norway Adventure Right For You?

There are a lot of different ways you can chose to vacation internationally. Bergeron Adventure Travel's slogan is "Don't just see the world, be challenged by it" and we fully intend to live by that on our Norway Adventure in 2018.

So what does that entail?

The Main Attraction: the Lysefjord

This trip, along with all the other ones we have lead in the past, revolves around a central experience designed to be the main motivating factor to train for. Norway's central experience for all of our travelers will be a 4 day hike along the Lysefjord. We will be hiking to Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen), the Hanging Boulder (Kieran) and up the 4,444 wooden steps at Flori. We will be hiking about 25 miles total with over 10,000 ft of gain. It's going to be a challenging hike, but we will have 3 guides who will have safety gear and be cooking breakfast and dinner for us.

Accomplishing this hike with like-minded people really helps make what we offer unique. Joining others who not only want to experience the majestic vistas of Norway's fjords, but who want to push themselves to have the sense of accomplishment.

But there is plenty to do and see before the main attraction!

Before and After: What Else is There?

We intentionally make whatever you want to do before or after the hike as customizable as possible. Not everyone can take two weeks off work in a row and not everyone may have the same things in mind to see and do. We share what we personally are going to do and you're free to join or do your own thing as long as everyone meets up before the Lysefjord hike. But here are a few of the many activities we are considering while we are in Norway.

The Lofoten Islands

Land of the midnight sun and arguably the most beautiful archipelago in the world. Known for its remote location, distinctive scenery, it's reminiscent of Milford Sound.


A ten hour hike in itself, this iconic Norwegian locale is a "must do" in our opinion.


Several great museums to check out here! The Viking Ship Museum, the National Gallery (which is home of The Scream and other works by Norwegian painter Edvard Munch).

The Oslo to Bergen Train

This isn't your ordinary train ride! You can actually find the 12 hour GoPro view from the front of the train on Netflix. It's rated the most beautiful train ride in all if Europe.


The Gateway to the fjords, as Norway's second largest city, there is plenty to see and do before we start our hike. Climb one of the seven mountains surrounding the city, enjoy the pubs, museums, or take a day trip out to see the countryside.

How do I join?

Right now we still have about 8 spots remaining to join us for the Lysefjord hike. If you feel this trip is something you would enjoy and would like to learn more, please email us at for more information.

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