Why Adventure Travel?


As an athlete and personal trainer, I have spent a lifetime learning the importance of goal setting by trying to motivate my self and my clients. Sure, for some people a half marathon or triathlon were enough to get them in the right direction. But for many, it was short lived or not something they would even enjoy. I wanted to find something for them to strive for that would create a lasting memory. Something that would give them an emotional connection to not only have a sense of accomplishment but a true life-changing experience.



For 6 years I had led groups of people down the 12-mile hike to the Havasupai waterfalls at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I saw how much people had trained for that hike and how sharing that experience with others resonated. While training a client one morning who was having a hard time with her motivation, I thought back to those hikes. But I knew I would need to go bigger if I wanted to help her achieve permanent success. If you want epic results, you need an epic goal. So I swung for the fences.  I asked her if she had a year to train to get ready to hike the Inca Trail to Macchu Pichu if that would motivate her. She gave a resounding yes. 



But I knew that having the goal wasn't enough. Many people are intimidated by the planning and logistics involved with a trip of this magnitude. Luckily, that's an element of it I enjoy. Having coordinated my own international travel for years, I was more than happy to help coordinate it for the 18 people who joined me on that Peruvian adventure. Since then, I have gone on to be an official travel agent in conjunction with SunLover Travel so I can not only coordinate all the travel and logistics but help people get the best deal possible while doing so.

Ramsey Bergeron in New Zealand

Ramsey Bergeron specializes in adventure travel and not only coordinates travel, but leads groups in need of an adventurous guide. With both parents serving in the United Nations, he spent much of his childhood traveling in Europe and the Middle East. He has been coordinating adventure trips since 2007 when he began leading an annual hike down to Havasupai at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. As a certified personal trainer, he decided to use the world to challenge and motivate his clients. Since then, he has coordinated and personally led groups hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and the Milford Track in New Zealand. As an avid outdoorman, athlete, and adventure seeker, he has also completed 8 full distance Ironman races including those in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Having taken a few trips to New Zealand, he hopes to one day move to Queenstown, known by many as “the adventure capital of world.”